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About Us

CompuClever® Gear has popular products that are essential to your digital and active life style. We handpick the coolest electronics and computer & mobile device accessories, then find suppliers that have the highest quality standards for design and manufacturing. We bring you the best gear at unbeatable prices.

CompuClever® Gear is owned and operated by CompuClever®, a Microsoft® Partner technology company, specialized in online security and computer optimization. Established in 2008, CompuClever provides software products and services to empower our users to rediscover the joy of using their computers. As part of our expertise, the CompuClever technical team has also been providing sound advice regarding how to conduct your day-to-day computing activities in a safe and enjoyable manner through its PC Tips and Tricks newsletter

We are located in  beautiful, super natural Victoria, Canada, about 100 miles north of Seattle, WA.

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